Welcome to the InterviewACE™ Workshop. This 3-day advanced-level workshop covers everything you need to prepare for your sales interview and standout above the crowd through Attitude, Connection, and Evidence.

During this course you will experience seven video sessions, each one followed by a short quiz, a role play exercise, and/or a journal entry. For more details on the course content, scroll down to see the full syllabus or click the More Information tab at the top of your screen.

(If you're active duty US military member or a US military veteran, use the coupon code "USA" for an additional discount on your 3-day access to this course.)

See you inside!

Benchmark Training

  • Survey: Your Goals For This Course
  • Attitude Part 1: You Have To Think Like A Sales Professional
  • Quiz 1: Attitude- Part 1
  • Role-play Exercise 1: Attitude
  • Attitude Part 2: The First 60 Seconds Of Your Interview
  • Quiz 2: Attitude Part 2- Your First 60 Seconds
  • Role-Play Exercise 2: Attitude Part 2--Your First 60 Seconds
  • Connection: Making The Connection Between Your Skills & The Needs Of This Role
  • Quiz 3: Making The Connection
  • Journal Entry 3a: Reflecting and Journaling on Past Experiences
  • Journal Entry 3b: Sales Skills and Leadership Skills
  • Journal Entry 3c: Work History Explanation
  • Journal Entry 3d: Job Transitions
  • Evidence: Prove You're The Right Fit
  • Quiz 4: Evidence--Prove You're the Right Fit
  • Journal Entry 4a: Sample Thank You Letter
  • Role Play Exercise 4b: Asking Questions
  • "Tell Me About A Time When You..." Behavioral Event Interview Questions
  • Quiz 5: Behavioral Event Questions
  • "Tell Me About You" Starting The Interview
  • Quiz 6: Tell Me About Yourself
  • Journal Entry 6a: Constructing Your Elevator Pitch
  • Role Play Exercise 6b: Elevator Pitch Practice
  • "Tell Me About You": Breakout Session
  • Quiz 7: "Tell Me About You" Breakout Session
  • Role Play Exercise 7a: Your Elevator Pitch
  • Role Play Exercise 7b: Your Elevator Pitch Take 2
  • Your feedback on this course
  • InterviewACE™ Digital Workbook
  • The Two Most Important Sales Traits
  • The 'Three Rights' To Success
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever