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Sales Objections Brought To You By DOCK 365 (SC022-clone)

Welcome to Benchmark's Sales Objection Certification Course. This advanced-level workshop covers everything you need to overcome, diagnose, and prevent objections in a way that builds trust with your prospects--like a pro.

To help you tailor the content of this course for your specific business needs, you'll receive one live 30 minute sales coaching session with a Benchmark Training coach.

During this course you will experience seven video sessions, each one followed by a short quiz, a role play exercise, and/or a journal entry. To help you stay on track, we recommend engaging in one session per day and completing the course in 7 days. Just in case something comes up, you'll have 15 days to complete the course.

For more details on the content, scroll down to see the course outline.

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See you inside!

--Benchmark Training

  • Objections Module Intro
  • Survey: Getting to Know You
  • Common Objections Brainstorming
  • Objections Module: Part 1 Overcoming Objections
  • Overcoming Objections--Preparing for the Field: Part One
  • Overcoming Objections--Preparing for the Field: Part Two
  • Video Role-Play Quiz: Cushion and Clarify
  • Objections Module: Part 2 Preventing Objections
  • BREAKOUT SESSION: Mental Clarity- Navy Seal Mental Toughness
  • Quiz: Mental Toughness
  • BREAKOUT SESSION: Changing Your Prospect's Perspective
  • Quiz: Changing Your Prospect's Perspective
  • BREAKOUT SESSION: Diagnosing Objections
  • Quiz: Diagnosing Objections
  • BREAKOUT SESSION: Visualize Overcoming Objections
  • Fundamentals Test: Overcoming Objections Module
  • Final Survey
  • Application Test: Overcoming Objections Video Role Play
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever